About Us

Not just construction.


Born in a small town in southeast Nebraska, I grew up on a farm  and started working for a Home Repair Contractor. Soon after I worked in the roofing industry and also spent two years working for a House and Structural moving company. During this time I picked up many different trades along the way and on any given day I could be driving a Mack truck, welding steel braces or painting a house. I’ve always worked with my hands and strive to do the best job possible. After Moving to Central Oregon in early 2001 I worked for a local Handyman/Remodeling company, and after a few years ventured out on my own, starting Dan Davis Construction. Our crew here at Dan Davis Construction are trustworthy, courteous and always working with a big smile on our faces.



Word of mouth is key.

After many years in the construction trade and with the struggles in the current economy we have outlasted many others with hard work and great customer service. We strive to have each and every one of our clients feel as though we are guests in their home. The goal of Dan Davis Construction is that we will not only exceed your expectations, but finish a job that you are proud to recommend to your friends and family. This is because we live here and we want to help our neighbors and community succeed with us.